Design Manifestos: Eva Zeisel

"The designer must understand that form does not follow function, nor does form follow a production process. For every use and for every production process there are innumerable equally attractive possibilities."
– Eva Zeisel

Read more about Eva Zeisel’s point of view on the design process in this wonderful profile written by Virginia Postrel.

2 thoughts on “Design Manifestos: Eva Zeisel

  1. thanks for the post.
    a couple of years ago i worked with her and that was a great experience.
    a wonderful lady.
    she deserves all the pr she can get.
    shame that i cannot read the profile on slate. some technical defect. will try another time. thanks again.

  2. p.s. in this quote here eva is obviously addressing an audience which already knows (or has never forgotten!!!!) that FORM CAN/MUST/OR-SHOULD FOLLOW FORM OR A PRODUCTION PROCESS and then, yes, – then form can also follow “innumerable equally attractive possibilities”.
    when history speaks to us we should listen!
    prick up those ears!
    and forget all that styling style and branding blabla…
    do so.

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