Me and My Murse


A few weeks ago I lamented the fact that I couldn’t order a Freitag Murse online.  Of course, many of you are lamenting the fact that I want a murse, but for me the lamentation stems only from my continuing state of murselessness.  Each morning as I try and squeeze my gadget-stuffed pockets into the seat of my car, I remind myself to find a way to get out to the Freitag store in Davos.

Salvation came in the form of an email from a nice person at Freitag called Manuela, who told me that, while the object of my murse lust won’t be available online until late September, it is possible to purchase one today without jetting off to Davos.  How?  Well, if you consider the designed-as-a-one-of-a-kind-object premise which forms the essence of the Freitag brand, then the solution is obvious:  log into a web cam in the Davos store and have a living Freitag salesperson show you each bag until you find one you like.

Seriously.  You must see it to believe it. 

It’s kind of cool and brand-enhancing, eh?  But I still don’t have my murse.  The tyranny of the wallet has yet to cease.

2 thoughts on “Me and My Murse

  1. The importance of the customer experience

    Many retailers have bought into making a trip to their stores an experience, not just an exercise in hunting and gathering. However, it’s difficult to translate that same experience to a website. Freitag is the creator of the mancipation line…

  2. or…
    just drive up i-5 for about 14 hours and buy one in Vancouver:
    For a murse of a different stripe, Eugene Choo (3683 Main St., 604-873-8874) is the only place in Canada carrying Freitag- colourful and highly unusual, these Swiss wundertaschen are made from 100 percent recycled Autobahn materials like truck tarpaulins and car tires. Recognized for their distinctive shapes and bold graphic elements, they are all over the trendy streets of New York’s East Village. Taking into account Pacific Standard Fashion Time, you have three years before they really take off here. Make the most of it!-S.S.

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