Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness


The Audi RS4, as piloted by one David E. Davis, Jr., along the beautiful string of roads which make up the California Mille.  In my book, Mr. Davis is the biggest voice to hit American literature since Twain, or Hemingway — or perhaps even both — and here he takes us on a wonderful video journey about cars, landscape, friendship, and memories of winding roads and the cars that need them.  As you hear him playing that sonorous V-8 up through the gears, it’s hard to disagree with his belief that "… God does not charge us for hours spent driving before breakfast."

Myself, I quite fancy the RS4.  It’s one amazing piece of engineering.  A bit thirsty and heavy, yes, but if thought of as a four-door 911, it makes more sense.

But forget Porsche.  Audi is the new BMW.  Close the cubicle door, turn up the volume on your laptop, watch DED, Jr. drive those roads again, and you’ll see why I think that’s the case.  Audi is on fire.

Winding Road video:  2007 California Mille, June 2007

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  1. Forget BMW

    At lunch today, a couple of friends were trashing BMW and raving about Mercedes AMG. Later today I came across this article about AMG in the Nytimes which talks about all the different AMG models. Regardless I think Audi will

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