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  1. Interesting quote.
    I wonder how true it will be in the future. Many of the ideas and images that people pick up today aren’t from the pages of a book, but from the screens of their various digital appliances. It’s difficult to display those.
    Also, when I was younger, it gave me great comfort to see all of my books spread out of book shelves. I’d look at them and think, “So that’s what I know!” (Don’t laugh, I’m sure many of you have been there as well.) As the years have gone on, my philosophy has changed and I’ve tried to give a lot of these away to friends and libraries, so that I’m left with just a core set of books that I go back to from time to time for inspiration.

  2. Glad you liked the Salatin quote.
    For me, the first part of it, the “worldview” part, was the most interesting. I’m fascinated by creative people with a strong point of view.

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metacool Thought of the Day kitman

"Lotus has the Elise, a wonderful, iconic product that sells well… It’s the most brilliant modern-day evocation of an automotive brand’s historic essence we’ve seen in decades…The key to Lotus’s success has been focus and allegiance to core brand values – with innovative design, materials and manufacturing technique, all in service of low weight and handling excellence."

– Jamie Kitman