The new Ferrari FF and the return of jolie laide

Ferrari just announced a new, four-seat, four wheel drive car called the FF.  It sounds great and looks awesome:

The FF is the first design in a long time from Ferrari to break new aesthetic ground.  The recent 458 Italia is a truly gorgeous and wondeful car, and I'd love to have one waiting for me in my garage, but it represents the evolution of an idea which began with the 1963 250 Le Mans.  It is an almost perfect execution of an old idea. The FF, on the other hand, does not work from any proportional standards seen before from the folks in Maranello.  And I love it.  I love the roofline.  I love the way it hunkers over its rear wheels.  I love the way all of its visceral design elements combine to say… take me out for a drive.  Those wheels, those exhaust pipes, those side vents?  They're all whispering, "let's get out of here…":

Ferrari FF metacool

And I love it because it dares to ignore classical standards of beauty.  Some might say it is downright ugly, but I would say it is unique and memorable, and perhaps a little beautiful-ugly.  Or jolie-laide, as my French friends would say.

As I once said about my favorite little puppy hearse, the BMW M Coupe — to which the FF bears more than a passing resemblance — why be beautiful when you could be interesting?

  Metacool flock of M Coupes


3 thoughts on “The new Ferrari FF and the return of jolie laide

  1. Diego, great article about a great car !
    Can’t wait to see one, and in due course of life – own one !
    Your closing sentence says it all – why be beautiful when you can be interesting

  2. I feel you on this one, Diego. I really do. But I’m also feeling FF stands for flop-flop. Owners flock to Ferrari so they can have something that looks like a nude model under a silk sheet. Plus I have a tough time rationalizing a supercar hatchback…. unless it’s got rally lights.

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