How’s your invisible jet?

Do you remember Wonder Woman's Invisible Jetplane?  If you don't, you can read about it over here, and it looked something like this (because it's invisble, there aren't that many images of it floating around):


It strikes me that her Invisible Jetplane is a good metaphor for a well-equipped journey through the world of the possible.  As you embrace the art and science of bringing cool stuff to life, you're going to have moments where you are going to have to stare into nothingness.  Literally, there will be nothing there, and as a generative creator of future options, it is up to you to create something.  If you're floating out above an abyss, it's good to be packing something to help ensure that you can get through the tough spots.

People who make it through the rough parts of a creative journey have an Invisble Jetplane of their own making, and it's called creative confidence.  It's a set of tools you build for yourself, a personally tailored version of whatever design process you subscribe to, a way of working which you know will deliver results.  It's certainly not about bravado or pumping yourself up.  Not at all.  Rather, it's about have the confidence to stop when the going is good, to celebrate when things break, to be able to listen and learn and test over and over in order to create a strong point of view about how things should be going forward — at least for now.  And, as with Wonder Woman's jet, creative confidence is invisible, but it'll get you places, and people around you will notice what it can do, too.  You can't see it, but you certainly can feel it when someone has it.

So where do you go to get your jetplane?  If it were as easy as getting a degree or reading a book, everyone could do it.  You certainly can't buy it, and it is not about credentials. The good news — at least for those of us who can't help but apply ourselves toward bringing cool stuff to life — is that it builds in strength with practice.  As my friend Jon Winsor says, you have to ride a thousand waves before you truly get what it means to surf.  It's the same for creative confidence, too: it's about practice and cycles.  To grok it, do it.  It's about getting miles under your belt.

Have fun with your jet!