Seth Godin at metacool: Stuff he digs

In All Marketers are Liars you provide lots of examples of offerings with great stories. If we were to spend a day in your shoes, what are the great products with great stories that make up the life of Seth Godin?  What do you dig?

Seth Godin:
Even though I’m a little more attuned to marketing bullshit because
that’s what I write about, I still like to believe it. I like to
believe that food from the Union Square Market tastes better. I like to
believe that the small advantage in UI that the Mac delivers is cause
for joy. I like to believe that driving a Prius instead of a Lotus
Convertible is an important contribution to our planet’s longevity.

Psychology is filled with cleverly constructed tests that demonstrate
that even when people "know" the truth, they choose to believe a story