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"A beautiful side effect of making things is you start to look around
and wonder, ‘how did they do that?’; you learn to see, analyze, and
appreciate different approaches, well-made things, and clever solutions."
Lili Cheng

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  1. Yes, but as Mark Twain remarked about how his riverboat experience affected his view of any river – it caused him to dissect it into shallows, currents, bars and removed the romance – that side-effect cuts two ways. Sometimes its nice not to know how the magic trick works.

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metacool Thought of the Day pagani

"There are millions of cars being built around the world, but so many without even a little soul – we have some of that in this car.  It’s what mind and hearts and hands can do."

– Horacio Pagani

metacool Thought of the Week GODIN

"Organizations are not very good at creating the remarkable. People are.
And after a person creates a purple cow, the organization milks that
cow, relentlessly, for as long as it can. If the people in the
organization don’t have the guts and the energy to ready a new cow,
then the organization’s days are numbered."

Seth Godin