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"People are not born craftsmen; they just have the courage to screw
things up.  Embrace your inner amateur and try everything.
There will always be an expert to take your money and fix the mistakes."
Mr. Jalopy


And, as we’re fond of saying around the offices of metacool, "Why not do something NOW?"  If half of life is about just showing up, then the other half (and more than half when you’re in the business of getting something good done) is about getting past the excuses, grabbing a wrench, and hacking away.  Fail early, fail often.  Build a prototype.  Think global, drink local.  Catch something on fire.  Why not screw something up today instead of strategizing for the next month?  You might learn something.  No — you WILL learn something.  What’s the worst that could happen?

(note that I use the word "wrench" as a metaphor for whatever it is that you need to do the thing you do)

I love that:  "Embrace your inner amateur and try everything."  Sounds like design thinking to me.

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