Now, some of my best friends are in the venture capital industry, but Dave Hornik’s creative connection between Narcissistic Personality Disorder, your average VC, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is just too funny to pass up:  VCitis

3 thoughts on “VCitis

  1. I saw a piece somewhere that made a serious diagnosis of NPD for our current president.
    Of course, look hard enough and everyone (especially those in positions of power) exhibits some neuroses — but it was still a compelling indictment.

  2. Interesting, Scott.
    He’s our first “MBA” president.
    Many VC’s have an MBA somewhere in their background.
    Causation or correlation?

  3. fun.
    reads like the personality structure of the guy in “american psycho”.
    being an mba and a notorious narcissist myself – i just counter checked with my – american – partner, whether she sees me up there in the high ranks. interestingly enough she does not – (and, now with her secure backing, i can firmly says: neither do i:)

    as b.e. ellis suggests classA VCgitis strongly correlates with factors of nationality. – a theory that looks like it has just been proved one more time… because i am not american.
    questions remaining: is VCgitis the ugly brother of the typical american competitiveness (which neither is a very beautiful child)?
    and then: why does VCgitis hardly ever correlate with reasonable personal taste and fair aesthetical capabilities?

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