4 thoughts on “Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness

  1. Bugaboo is yesterday’s fad…take a look at this one: http://tinyurl.com/4s5aw.
    As a mom and an appreciator of design, I salivate over both of these fantastic-to-look-at strollers. However, as a suburban mom the reality is that neither is truly a great solution for my life. Sadly, I resigned myself to my reality and don’t elicit even a second glance with our traditional wheels.

  2. Stokke Stroller

    A cool looking baby stroller from Denmark: the Stokke Stroller. has 3 positions for rear-facing babies (sleep, rest and active sitting) and 2 positions for forward-facing toddlers (relaxation or active sitting). Yours for just $749. Via: MetaCool…

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