Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness

The 2006 Honda Civic Sedan

After seeing one pass me on the street, I have to admit I’m head-over-heels for the new Civic.  The shape and proportions represent a huge improvement over somewhat dowdy 2005 model, and there’s more than a little Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina in the trunk section, which is no bad thing.  This is the first Honda sedan since the famed pop-up headlight Accord of the late 80’s to make you wonder why people bother with two-door coupes.  Sweet.

photo copyright Honda

2 thoughts on “Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness

  1. i don’t know…looks quite similar to the new jetta (take away the grille, and tell me the difference?).
    funny, cause both honda an vw have recently experienced difficulty in this segment (especially in Canada, where compacts and sub-compacts dominate the industry) because of aged/boring models. i was thinking a great new design from either would reverse the trend. now it seems as though both are destined to continue their unfortunate (but understandably more profitable) journey into the cookie-cutter loving mainstream.

  2. Actually, I believe quite the opposite: the Jetta is a cookie-cutter Corolla.
    The Civic is something new. See it in the flesh and let me know if you think different.

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