The Farm Aquatic with Dan Barber

Because it works on so many levels, this talk by Dan Barber was by far my favorite of TED 2010.  

Without spoiling the talk for you, I love the way Barber takes us on a walk through his life, and has a conversation with us all along the way.  And it's a funny one at that.  His insights changed the way I think about the relationship between oceans and food; prior to this I did not recognize that one could create an aquatic version of Polyface Farm.  Amazing.

This talk is also a master class in public speaking.  No, in public story telling.  This talk defines the bar by which we should measure pitches for a cause.  This is how to start a movement, how to get people to sit up and take notice, take action.

Awesome.  And now I'd like to try some of that Spanish fish…

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