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"Above all, think of life as a prototype.  We can conduct experiments, make discoveries, and change our perspectives.  We can look for opportunities to turn processes into projects that have tangible outcomes.  We can learn how to take joy in the things we create whether they take the form of a fleeting experience or an heirloom that will last for generations.  We can learn that reward comes in creation and re-creation, not just in the consumption of the world around us.  Active participation in the process of creation is our right and our privilege.  We can learn to measure the sucess of our ideas not by our bank accounts but by their impact in the world."

Tim Brown

1 thought on “metacool Thought of the Day

  1. Absolutely inspirational!
    I am almost about to give up on my job search, but Tim’s thoughts are so very inspirational; my favorite line in this paragraph is,”think of life as a prototype”. There is no other option, but to get back on the horse, and continue on 🙂
    Thank you for the valuable thought of the day.

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