3 thoughts on “Jolie-Laide, part 6

  1. Funny, I had the exact oppposite reaction when I first saw the Tribeca. I’m on my 2nd legacy /outback, and I liked them for their relatively understated look and focus on the basics. Then came the Baja and now this. The Baja seems to have flopped, since I dont see them anywhere, and this is Sooby country. Now this so-late-to-the-party-the-party’s-over luxury SUV with an indy car nose? Named afer a place in NYC?
    Definitely too much Laide and not enough Jolie for me.
    then again, I never cared for SAABs either.

  2. Drove a ’65 Saab in High School… I was different than my peers then.
    AND now I understand why I like the Tribeca’s look…
    The more things change…

  3. It is really neat how some companies still try to stand out from the pack by not being so timid and appealing to the lowest common denominator. The world doesn’t need more camry knock-offs.

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