Jeff Zwart at Stanford Revs

Jeff Zwart Open Garage Talk Revs Program Stanford metacool Diego Rodriguez

I’m extremely thrilled/proud/stoked to be hosting renowned film director, racer, and photographer Jeff Zwart on November 7 for an Open Garage Talk at Stanford.  The event is sponsored by the Revs Program at Stanford and the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford.  Jeff will be giving a talk titled “Telling Stories with Cars”.

Jeff is so good at telling stories that any additional conversation with me may be superfluous, but I promise to work with him to use all the road and keep it (very) sideways, so let’s see where we go.  If you’ve ever perused my other blog Unabashed Gearhead Gnarlyness, you know how much I enjoy his work behind the lens and behind the wheel of a car, examples of which are both posted below.  I have nine hundred and eleven questions I want to ask him about his creative process and how he makes all these amazing things happen—and I’m sure you have a bunch, too.  It will be an awesome evening.

Hope to see you there!  Registration is required, so sign up now!