Innovation Principles at Work: the Cannondale Hooligan

Cannondale Hooligan metacool


Behold the Cannondale Hooligan bicycle.

I hesitate to write this blog post, because I'm the prowl for a lightly used Cannondale Hooligan 3 — in matte black, natch!  (don't buy my bike, dude!)  The Hooligan is still in production, but the 2012 version only comes in a shade of green which, while really wild, doesn't quite have the aesthetic brilliance of the bike above, in my humble opinion.

The Hooligan is all about Principle 19, Have a point of view.  The Hooligan is a BMX bike fore adults, a ride for clowning around while you're commuting across town.  It's not trying to win the Tour de France, it's not something you'd wear spandex on, and there's nary a spring nor an ounce of carbon fiber to be found. 

What it is about is nimbleness and an extrovert aesthetic.  It's polarizing to be sure, but I have a soft spot for eccentric aesthetics, and so the Hooligan's point of view is aimed exactly at people like me. 

I love it.


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  1. Love to see more and more press on the Hooligan. I’m on my 2nd “Hooli” as of now and just wanted to provide a little info… the 2012 is available in Green as well as Gray in the US. In other countries it is sold in 3 different versions and additional colors as well (pink, blue). The 2012 model has been updated slightly… fork/gearing,bars/stem, etc. Also if you really want black the 2013 Hooligan will be avilable in black again. For lots of info on the Hooligan the best place is a facebook fan page: Cheers!!

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