Double Stinting


I’m double blog-stinting this week.  Along with my fellow guest bloggers David Hornik and Bruno Giussani, I’ll be over at TEDBlog for the week writing posts on a daily basis. 

Actually, I’m always double stinting in that I’ve been a guest blogger for TED over the past year.  One of my recent posts talks about whooping it up with Toyota in NASCAR, and another one is a march through my daily life in search of my Starck Factor.   

In case you are wondering, no, I didn’t receive any hate mail for daring to talk about NASCAR in the same sentence as TED.  Honestly, I think NASCAR is a great example of what happens when technology meets entertainment meets design in a premeditated fashion.  It may not be your cup of tea – or it might be your can of Bud – but it is obviously working, so why not learn from it?  One of my goals for 2007 is to make it to a NASCAR race.

But do please check out the TEDBlog this week.