New York Times, meet Alltop. Your disruptor.

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Personally, I haven’t had much luck with RSS readers.  I suffer from the "weekend barrier" — I’d rather not spend the time to curate my own collection of RSS feeds, and I often wonder what I’m missing out there that I simply don’t know about.

Enter Alltop, a new experiment from Guy Kawasaki and friends.  I like it as brain food: it feels like the New York Times in terms of breadth, but deeper in passion due to the laser focus of each of the "contributors".  It’s curated RSS, or perhaps even an edited newspaper, but with a radically streamlined business model, with each of the "contributors" having an individual revenue stream of their own design.  As such, Alltop represents a disruptive business model relative to the New York Times.  Let’s see where it goes.

And yes, metacool is part of Alltop!  Definitely take a few minutes to wander through the various sections — lots of cool stuff!


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