A Pitiful Design Observation


Have you been watching the World Cup?

During today’s Italy-Germany match I have to admit I was a bit distracted by a recurring thought popping in to my head:  Why did the Italians seem to be sweating so much more than the Germans? 

Of course, after a while, I realized that the ubiquitous underarm sweat blotches I was seeing where actually part of the graphic design of the Italian jersey.  Now, I’m a proponent of thinking through what a design will look like in use, and after it is used, but I find the point of view which led to this design somewhat odd.  Purposeful proactive pit stainage as a premediated graphic design element?  Weird.  Not beausage.

1 thought on “A Pitiful Design Observation

  1. World Cup Final

    I watch the biggest football match on earth and what do I notice?
    In all the previous matches I have watched during this world cup the Budweiser advertising hoarding at the side of the pitch has said Bud Bud in the swirly logotype associa…

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