Good Marketing takes Guts, part 3

If marketing is about figuring out what people want, making what they want, and finding the best possible way to let them know that you’re making what they want, then Bodygroom by Philips is a textbook case of Good Marketing.

Think back to the Visceral-Behavioral-Reflective model of meaing creation.  Bodygroom the product and Bodygroom the story have each been designed with all three levels in mind to create a total offering experience that just sings if you already have the "I’ve got to shave" worldview (not that I’ve ever used it, mind you… but I believe it would work…).  The visceral-reflective  sublimiity of scissors chasing dual kiwis — well, that’s marketing genius.

2 thoughts on “Good Marketing takes Guts, part 3

  1. LOL

    should not think that guys with guts use the “bodygroom” though – they use a flamethrower..

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