Form Ever Follows Function – NOT

If you’ve been reading metacool for a while, you know how much I like Don Norman’s Visceral-Behavioral-Reflective model of design.  It’s a nice way to reach a deeper understanding of the design of things as varied as cars, jeans, and shopping bags.

Or even fingers (or more precisely, the lack thereof).  Here’s a great example of the importance of reflective design, from Joi Ito: Differences in the meaning of finger chopping in Korea and Japan

It’s fascinating how an absent digit can communicate so differently depending on cultural context.  Clearly, there’s more meaning in a missing finger than can be captured in its lack of visual presence (Visceral Design) and/or its functional absence (Behavioral Design).  Reflective design is about meaning and culture and is where things get interesting in the art and science of bringing cool stuff to life.

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  1. cool post.
    but do not ever talk to an old bauhaeusler (me) like that…
    we could end up in endless – boring – discussions…

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