Expanding the Definition of Your Offering

Where does your offering start and end?  Where should it start and end?  What could you do at the borders of your existing offering to help it deliver a more delightful user experience?

The people behind the Everquest online fantasy video game asked themselves these questions and came up with something pretty special:

While playing EverQuest II just type /pizza
and a web browser will launch the online ordering section of
pizzahut.com. Fill in your info and just kick back until fresh pizza is
delivered straight to your door.

How cool is that?  Pizza on demand isn’t a traditional video game feature like better graphics and more complex story lines, but it is an amazing way to enhance the video game experience.  And it’s a good example of how customer-centric innovation doesn’t always need to be something big and scary.  It might just be about asking the right questions.

1 thought on “Expanding the Definition of Your Offering

  1. Too bad pizza hut has the worst pizza on the face of the planet. What would be *really* impressive is if your favorite neighborhood pizza store could do this.

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