Quality in a switch

Everything matters

Sure, you can call me anal-retentive (which I'm not — I think "perfectionist" is a more accurate term, but without the connotation of stasis that comes with it), but I love what I see in the photo above. I took it at a hotel I visited recently.

What do you see?

I see the mark of someone who cared. I see someone who was paying attention. I see a belief in quality and the pursuit of perfection.  I see a work culture where people are able to exercise their need to do good work.

All this in eight screwheads aligned on the same plane, plus four switches located correctly within their assigned cutout (if you've ever put one of these panels together, you know how hard this is to do).  Quality experiences and offerings are fractal in nature, and rely on the largest and smallest elements to all be in sync.  Being a guest at this hotel — from the bed to the room to the food to the views — was a marvelous experience, and looking at this panel none of that news should come as a surprise.

Again, everything matters.