Designing at the Boulder Digital Works


I'm happy to announce that I just joined the board of the Boulder Digital Works (BDW).  At this time back in 2004, I was busy helping the Stanford achieve lift off, so it's really cool now to be part of another design education startup.  And now the idea of a design curriculum combining business, technology, and human issues is much more accepted in the mainstream, which to me makes the focused mission of the BDW even more exciting.

As John Maeda recently noted, the missing partner to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is IDEA (Intuition, Design, Emotion, Art).  As a person who was trained on both sides and now works and plays across STEM and IDEA, I feel strongly that our education programs need to combine both in order to create the T-shaped people that can go out and make a difference in the world (Principle 6).

Finally, as a native of Boulder, BDW gives me another excuse to get back to the place where I came to love and admire the fine art of driving in the snow.  Can't wait.  Hope the board meetings are in February!

1 thought on “Designing at the Boulder Digital Works

  1. Look me up when you plan to get back to Boulder. We can do some Gearhead Gnarleyness with dirtbikes. But not if the meetings are in February. I know Alex B rides, too.
    -Doug Render

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