Tales from Design 2.0


I spoke at Design 2.0 last week, and had a lot of fun doing it.  I actually enjoy public speaking, so I had a great time talking about ecosystems and design and business.  Unfortunately, I can’t post my slides… more on that in a bit.

Here are two really good summaries of what I talked about, done by two guys who I wish I had known in college — they would have been great people to supply me with engineering lecture notes for all those fluid mechanics lectures I skipped:

The reason I can’t give you my slides is that they were on my trusty PowerBook, which took a big, freakish fall during the conference.  It stayed alive for 48 hours, only to die a quiet death later in the week.  I think it may still be saved…

But my favorite review of the conference is this one, which points out that the conference highlight was  "… a really nice Ducati desktop background on Diego Rodriguez’s Mac."  Gotta love those audiences full of designers.  Got their priorities straight.