Design thinking in the New York Times

The New York times ran a great article yesterday called "Design is more than packaging".  Of course, if you’re part of the metacool community, you already know that.  But it is great to see this meme getting out there and sticking.  I’m very happy to see that the article was published in the Business section.  Cool!

Among others, the article mentions IDEO, my employer, and the Stanford, my other employer.

A couple of quotes.

Tim Brown:

Design thinking is inherently about creating new choices, about
divergence.  Most business
processes are about making choices from a set of existing alternatives.
Clearly, if all your competition is doing the same, then
differentiation is tough. In order to innovate, we have to have new
alternatives and new solutions to problems, and that is what design can

George Kembel:

It would be overreaching to say that design thinking solves
everything. That’s putting it too high on a pedestal.  Business thinking plus design thinking ends up being far more

Well put, gentlemen!