Defining Design, part 1

"In design there is styling, art, and other terms intermingled.  Design means to me that every designing engineer has the opportunity to become at some stage an artist… that every craftsman who can do more than what he is trained to do is an artist." — Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche III

What is design?

Defining just exactly what design "is" can be a frustrating pursuit.  To begin with, is the word "design" a noun or a verb?  While I believe it is best used as a verb, I do like Butzi’s definition of it as a noun — and as the Porsche 911 is the product of his very capable hands, well, we should probably give his thoughts due consideration.  And it’s true: when you’re a design engineer and you get into a state of flow, odds are you’re going to crank out some tasty stuff.  How’d you get there?  Let’s call it art.