@ Deep Glamour

Little did I realize upon starting this humble blog several years ago that it would be a ticket to some strange and wonderful trips.  For instance, over the past year this blog has introduced me to many of the folks behind the magazines (this was pre-web browser historical timeframes) that taught me about the worlds of cars, engineering, aesthetics, design and marketing.  These new friendships have been very meaningful to me.

And now I’m writing about glamour.  Deep Glamour, that is.  If you’ve ever met me in person, you know that I’m not quite a full-blown sartorialist (though I’d like to be).  So thinking about what glamour is and what it does is a nice challenge from a personal growth standpoint, and an exciting one.  Deep Glamour looks like it will be a fun and interesting blog about all the things that orbit this fuzzy but oh so compelling notion of glamour.  I hope to post something every week or so as long as the management will have me.

Part of being innovative and creative is finding safe ways to take a first step.  So, faced with an unknown domain, I wrote about cars, which is a cozy domain for me. 


My intent in writing metacool was to have a personal sandbox for playing with ideas, so there you go.  Please check out Deep Glamour — I’ve been a huge fan of Virginia Postrel for many years, and in fact her writing was a significant point of inspiration behind my return the mainstream of design thinking a few years ago.  As you’ll see on the blog, her thinking is deep and will make you think and think and think.