Creating Cool Stuff with Storytelling, part 2

As a design thinker, I wouldn’t dream of embarking on a development project without first establishing my point of view (POV).  Establishing and growing a POV is an integral part of my design process.  Think of a POV as your take on why whatever you’re creating merits a place in the universe.  What makes it remarkable? 

As it turns out, establishing a strong POV has everything to do with good storytelling.  For help in illustrating this idea, I direct you to the writing of Scott Rayburn, who is growing a tasty new blog around teaching great public speaking, and to some extent, storytelling.  He insists that to create a good story, you need to understand your Big Idea:

First, wade through all the fact and figures and themes of a subject
and distill everything down to an idea that can be expressed in fewer
than 10 words.

Next, shape your message around those 10 words… When your audience hears your presentation, what is it you want them to remember above all else?

So the concept of the Big Idea is to storytelling what POV is to design: don’t leave home without it.  Now, I believe that to make your designs take hold in the world, you need to be a good storyteller.   So it’s delightful to think that perhaps design thinkers already know the right process for designing — and telling — good stories. 

3 thoughts on “Creating Cool Stuff with Storytelling, part 2

  1. Diego, I really benefit from your thoughts on storytelling. My work with clients uncovers the lack of story and storyteling all the time. Not only in terms of product development but also in terms of organizational culture – there is no unifying story. Without it, there is no POV or big idea around which to create what I would call “cool discipline” – the standards and behaviours that a great story will cause people to unite around, set aside ego because of, sacrifice for and supply creative energy to. There is a great deal more to be said about this; but what a great conversation to have!

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