metacool Thought of the Day


“There’s a huge, gratifying feeling on the rare occasions that any of us come up with an inspiration to do something innovative.  The personal rewards, and just the feeling, is enormously good.  Part of what gave us the ability to be creative is the old thing – -necessity is the mother of invention — and the passion and curiosity about why things work.  It’s about the ability to picture what’s going on and discuss things with other people who have thought about it longer than you have, or have a different approach… It’s a fun thing to do, for sure. You appreciate other people doing things when you read the history books. If you feel that in some small way you can join this illustrious bunch of people who have done things, it’s worth having a go at it.”

Dan Gurney


metacool Thought of the Day


“Coming up with ideas is interesting and indefinable, isn’t it? The brain is a funny thing. An idea often emerges in the shower, or during a walk. Your brain has been ticking away and the idea just bubbles up. Occasionally you feel, ‘God, I’ve gone dry.’ It’s like writers’ block. Shortly before the launch of a new car, when I’ve used all my existing ideas, I think, ‘Now what?’ But running the car produces new ideas as you understand what you’ve created.”

Adrian Newey

metacool Thought of the Day

“It is the joy, passion, and beauty that we infuse into life that is the glory of the human species. I think leaders can contribute to that joy— and to its extinguishment. I think administrative memoranda should be constructed as works of poetry, that organization charts should be exquisite pieces of sculpture, that relations between a boss and subordinate should have the qualities of a Balanchine ballet, that work should include immersion into a glorious fiction.”

James March



from A Conversation With James G. March on Learning About Leadership, by Joel Podolny

Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2011, Vol. 10, No. 3, 502–506.