Oh what a WoW feeling

You may not like this ad, but I do.  Not just because I’m a fan (and owner) of Toyota cars, but because it’s a great example of designing a message to spread. 

In this case, it is about tapping in to the seven million plus folks who play the online game World of Warcraft.  That’s a lot of potential truck buyers.  If you don’t play World of Warcraft, the ad is entertaining, but if you do play, the ad is just amazing.  And, it seems perfectly designed to spread around the place where World of Warcraft players hang out the most, that thing called the internet.  This is about designing for YouTube.

My only question is, I’m level 66, so can I get a Tundra instead?

Thanks to Carlos for showing me the video.

1 thought on “Oh what a WoW feeling

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