Maira Kalman on the American Message

As far as this art and science of bringing cool stuff to life thing goes, Maira Kalman really nailed it in today's NYT.  You have to see it all.  It's the triple distillation of pure awesomeness.  Here's a quote:

Everything is invented.
Language.  Childhood.  Careers.
Relationships.  Religion.
Philosophy.  The future.
They are not there for the plucking.
They don't exist in some
natural state.
They must be invented by people.
And that, of course, is a great thing.
Don't mope in your room.
Go invent something.
That is the American Message.
Electricity.  Flight.  The telephone.
Television.  Computers.  Walking on
the moon.  It never stops.

I simply love what she's created here and am totally inspired.  Many thanks to my friend (and great innovator) John Lilly for pointing me to this.

Have a great week, everyone.  Go make a dent in the universe.

And no moping!  Always ask yourself, "What would Travis do?"  Just do it, that's what.  JFCI!

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