Venture Design, continued

Cereality is a new venture which seeks to Krispy-Kreme-ize that great American breakfast staple, cereal.  I’m more of a plain oatmeal kind of dude, but on the road I’d much rather slurp up some Lucky Charms than a greasy Egg McMuffin, eh?  It’s a cool idea.

I think these guys are going to make it, largely because they’re employing a prototype-driven process to figure out what their offering should be (as opposed to what they think it should be).  As mentioned in USA Today, Cereality has been running a prototype shop at Arizona State University for the past eight months, and are going to try and roll the concept out to more locations later this year.

By prototyping their concept in a financially lean way, and in a low-exposure setting (i.e. Arizona vs. Times Square), Cereality has undoubtedly gotten deep learning on the cheap, without a lot of drama.  Future iterations will be more and more dialed in, and customers will find it really groovy.  It’s a smart way to go about building a venture – you can truly prototype anything, even sugar pops.

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