Thinking about Toyota


A must-read about Toyota: From 0 to 60 to World Domination

How does Toyota win?  By coming an evidence-based culture with an eye to the long view.  By investing in incremental innovations to build long-term brand equity, and investing the payback in revolutionary innovations like the Prius.  By paying attention to technical details and to the humans who design and build the cars and those who service and drive them.

It seems simple, right?  Realization and implementation are so tough.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about Toyota

  1. Good story about long-term thinking (as opposed to managing from quarter-to-quarter).
    I especially liked that they put the word “Whack!” in bright yellow letters on the cover in the print edition.

  2. The secret to Toyota is the Toyota Production System — it is simple, but still remains a stumbling-block for many people precisely because it is so simple, but it works.

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