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Wonderful things are brewing at Stanford University in the form of the  You’re undoubtedbly familiar with "B Schools" (business schools), but the is something entirely different:  its goal is to help people learn to use the process of design to solve problems beyond the traditional domains of industrial design, product design or architecture.

Simply put, the will train leaders who are able to think and do.  And we’ll all be better off for it.

3 thoughts on “The at Stanford

  1. Are you implying B-school graduates are not inclined to “do” things?

  2. Houston,
    Yes, I do think that the grading setup in most business schools creates a bias for analysis and talking rather than action. A great essay on the subject is Bob Sutton’s book “The Knowing Doing Gap”.
    I’m not saying that people from B School don’t do things — you’re a great example of someone who is a “knower” and a “doer” — but I think you would agree it can be both a haven and a breeding ground for people who talk the talk but can’t walk it.
    Thanks for commenting.
    – Diego

  3. Diego –
    Am I right in saying that this develops technocrats in the students and teaches them to innovate products/culture which has immediate positive impact upon society?

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