The Twitter thing…

I've started using Twitter again.  I first began using it about two years ago, but did not manage to make a habit of it.  But now I'm back on, and I'm really on.

I'm hoping that my Twitter stream acts as an extension of what already goes on here when things are running right at the metacool blog.  I promise I won't use it to update you on the type of breakfast my dog just ate (I don't have a dog).  I guarantee you I will focus on the art and science of bringing cool stuff to life, because at the end of the day all of this material has to come from somewhere, and I only have one brain to offer up (on a good day).  Compared to this blog, my Twitter stream will be more concise, more cryptic, less considered, and will arrive on a more frequent basis.  It will also be made up of a lot more questions than answers as I poke around for insights in an extroverted kind of way.

I hope you can come along.  On the right side of this screen you'll find a new readout of my Twitter activity. 

On Twitter you can find me under the name… metacool.

1 thought on “The Twitter thing…

  1. dear diego , i have been following your blogs for years now and throughly enjoy it as well as takehome some inspiration points.
    great idea to be on the twitter and talk about what could matter to others than one’s own gastronomical;sartorial; fettish for games etc.
    look forward to follow .
    robert ( @ondmuv)

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