The Name of the Game is Work

The big thing about playing video games used to be that they were the new golf, a novel way to hang with friends and business associates in order to maybe bond, collude, or even get some productive work done.  But it’s not just about golf anymore:  Aili McConnon from BusinessWeek just published an article about the intersection of work and gaming, and I’m here to tell you that video gaming is about work.  I even landed a quote in there referencing the lessons to be had from playing MMOG’s

The lessons learned in these games become increasingly useful as
companies become less command-and-control and more a series of
distributed networks around the world.  The future of work
is here; it’s just disguised as a game.

The article also talks through some interesting game-related stories from McKinsey, J&J, and Philips, and also has a great insight from my Stanford partner in crime Bob Sutton

I really do think that you can learn a lot about where this whole Web 2.0 thing is going by playing games online.  Learning by doing, serious play, and all that.

1 thought on “The Name of the Game is Work

  1. Diego,
    The BusinessWeek article says I am “looking into” teaching a course using World of Warcraft as place to try out organizational prototypes. I guess that is right, but note that nearly all of that “looking into” has been me saying to you “So, Diego, how would we teach course like that?”
    Cool post.

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