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"[W]e must consider the possibility that if Design
Thinking is critical, maybe restricting it to designers and protecting
them from business people is not actually the most productive avenue to
pursue. Perhaps eliminating the need for protection by turning business
people into Design Thinkers would be more effective.

… Rather
than supplementing modern analytical management with design
sensibilities, it is time to integrate design into management practice.
The job of executives isn’t to protect designers from line management,
but to help line management become Design Thinkers. It is time for the
management discipline of Design Thinking.

To create a Design
Thinking organization, a company must create a corporate environment in
which it is the job of all managers to understand customer needs at a
deep and sophisticated level and to understand what the firm’s product
means to the customer at not only a functional level, but also an
emotional and psychological level… It must create an operating environment by which line managers
experiment with new ways of delighting the customer, realizing fully
that some new ideas will fail, but that in failing these efforts have
valuable benefits. Even failed experiments help convince customers that
the company is aiming high, and the feedback will help them come up
with newer, better approaches.

…The great firms of the 21st century will be those that
recognize the goal isn’t to supplement analytics with design; it is all
about integrating design and management."

Roger Martin

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