Flying ARSES and other adventures in design thinking


oooooph.  I just took Bob Sutton’s new Flying ARSE self-assessment test, and I barely threaded the needle between unbelievable perfection and being a borderline arse.  It’s a fun little test, and a good reminder that The Brand Called You is but a fragile flower, easily damaged in liminal spaces such as an airliner.

I love the fact that Dr. Robert Sutton, esteemed Stanford tenured professor, is enthusiastically putting up quick and dirty web apps like this, the original ARSE test, and — my favorite — ArseMail.  He does them without a lot of drama, ships something quick-like, and then starts iterating them to perfection based on feedback from real users.  And he taps a system of connected mavens to spread the word.  Sounds like creating infectious action to me.  Doing cool stuff and shipping it. 

Design thinking and doing, in other words.

2 thoughts on “Flying ARSES and other adventures in design thinking

  1. Diego,
    Thanks for the post. Three is a low score, I scored a four. You taught me a lot of what I know about design thinking, and for better or worse, I seem to be more willing to take risks, and do get less upset by small failures. So thanks!

  2. The Blog

    I would love to be able to come back and write a post about how we are developing, or have picked up a show based on a [url=]comment[/url] posted to the blog.

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