More Glass House simplicity

Besides metacool shipping another release to market, one of my peak life moments in 2008 was getting to hang out with an amazing group of people at the Philip Johnson Glass House. There we held a salon of sorts, and talked about simplicity, among other things.  You see more about this awesome day here and here.

I just discovered this awesome video of John Maeda talking about our day on the day.  Looking back on that moment in time, I really appreciate his ability to take me back to what I heard, thought, and felt.

If, as I learned that day, knowledge is the beginning of practice, and doing is the completion of knowing, then surely YouTube is the resolution of being. Many thanks to the people who put this video together for enabling us to remember and share and learn.

I'd love to participate in more salons like this. And even host and curate them. Not necessarily at the Glass House, but anywhere a good conversation is to be had.  I think I'll do that.