On being remarkable

Seth Godin has a provocative post about what it takes to be remarkable: Is good enough enough?

Here’s my favorite part, on what being remarkable entails at a personal level:

First, it would require significant risk-taking. Which would include
the risk of failure and the risk of getting fired (omg!). Can you and
your team handle that? If not, might as well admit it and settle for
good enough. But if you’re settling, don’t sit around wishing for
results beyond what you’ve been getting.

Second, it would mean that every single time you set out to be
remarkable, you’d have to raise the bar and start over. It’s exhausting.

Third, it means that the boss and the boss’s boss are unlikely to give you much cover. Are you okay with that?

Are you willing to engage in innovative behavior?  A lot of the time it hurts.