4 thoughts on “metacool Thought of the Day

  1. Have you ever read What is Business For? – Charles Handy?
    This is an article written for the December 2002 edition of the Harvard Business Review. It certainly supports this quote and I think it is an article worth reading if you want to believe business is more than making money.

  2. Hi, i have just met your blog. And your entries are very interesting. Thought of the Day reminds me that profit maximization is through the past, not though the future. Your profit measurement can not point out to the right way to maksimize profit. And, whenever you try to maksimize profit, you may be in dept,too.

  3. I like your thought that profit maximization is a view of the world limited to the past — it assumes that little or no value can be created, and so it must only be claimed.
    Creating value is an act of optimism.

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