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"Today, what defines the most
innovative, and the most successful, people is their willingness to fail. And,
that’s especially true in journalism, media and advertising…

This is the key to the future for all of us. It’s not how we
deal with success but how we embrace and learn from failure that will define
all of us during the Great Inflection…

Instead, dare to fail. Fail fast. Learn from failure. Build
on failure. Share failure. Understand failure.

Most of all, enjoy failure. Life is so short. Hold nothing

John Winsor

2 thoughts on “metacool Thought of the Day

  1. This speech is fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I believe we do far too little of allowing failure, especially in settings like Stanford. It is by falling that we learn to stand.
    -MeiMei Fox
    Community Manager, Social Web
    Stanford Alumni Association
    twitter: @meimeifox

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