It’s Not About the Blog, part 2

Last month Scoble said "You should be fired if you do a marketing site without an RSS feed."

I propose a stronger wording: "You should be fired if you conceive of your marketing site as being anything other than an RSS link to and from your audience.

Why go through all the bother of creating a slick online "brochure" when everyone else can create the same thing by spending cubic dollars?  Flash tours, splashy graphics — they’re all so commonplace, so boring.  And how many times do I visit a non-transactional marketing site?  Once, maybe twice?

Instead, create a site around what’s unique: you and your offering.  Speak with a real voice.  And listen and learn.  Use RSS, and not a glossy brochure, to strike up a relationship with a potential or current customer. 

Here’s a great example.

1 thought on “It’s Not About the Blog, part 2

  1. Even though I don’t yet have an RSS feed for my blog, I couldn’t agree more. My challenge is getting the cobblers to make me shoes.
    Anyway … my comment is about the value of the back channel that blogs offer. Write interesting stuff, get interesting readers, right? Listen, learn, respond, learn more. Then please tell me why a well known marketing guru who has undoubtedly preached the virtues of conversing with your market would turn off the comment option on his blog tool?
    RSS feeds are important and I have MY excuse ready but what would you think of me if I told you that I don’t want comments on my blog posts because they give me a headache?

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