Inspiration in egg whites

I normally shy away from pointing to stuff on other blogs on a routine basis, as I figure you’ll find the good stuff anyway, and I have a bias toward creating original (or as original as anything can be in this connected world) material.

But I’ve had some big milestones with my special project lately.  This week we shipped two new material intake devices.  And we had a successful alpha launch of our upright ambulation initiative.  As with any innovation activities, these required lots of late night effort and were the source of some high drama and tears.  Par for the course when it comes to innovation!

So I’m mostly pointing.   There’s so much cool stuff out there!


Today Seth uses egg whites and wheat and peppers to write an ode to the gods of authenticity, quality, and doing stuff to the hilt.  It’s a reminder to me that delivering great human experiences (even a humble breakfast) is much more a matter of judgment than of rules.