Great Marketing 101: Download Day 2008

Download Day

Here’s a cool example of creating infectious action being done by the folks at Mozilla: Download Day 2008

I found about it via Facebook.  Based on the pledge ticker at the Download website, it appears to be working quite well.

Infectious Action = Remarkable Offering + a Sticky, Compelling Message + a System Designed to Spread


1 thought on “Great Marketing 101: Download Day 2008

  1. Great example of infectious action stemming from something that’s quite thoughtfully planned. Both considered and malleable. An interesting example too is Honda’s first-ever live TV “ad” in the UK, which declared “Difficult is Worth Doing” and featured three real-time minutes of skydivers jumping over Madrid, moving in synchronicity to form the word “Honda.” Not only did an audience grow over the broadcast, but viewers became immediately active, posting You Tube clips and blogging feverishly. One in every 670 blog posts in the world wrote about the live ad before it even aired. Only missing piece is what they could have done to engage that response even further. Why stop at You Tube postings and a web site? Still, it’s well worth a look:

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