Hat in the Creek

I’m normally not one to kiss and tell, but yesterday’s session of Creating Infectious Action really knocked my hat into the creek.  It’s a cliche for a teacher to say that they learn from the process of teaching their class, but with this one it’s really true.  The intellectual ferment in the room was palpable.

Bob Sutton and I like to say that we’re running the class "Letterman Style", which means that we’re there with a monologue (dialog?) at the start and end of the show, and between those two points it’s all about guests from industry, our illustrious panel of team coaches, and the students.

Leading off was Professor Chip Heath from Stanford, who told us a scintillating story about how to design ideas that stick.  Then we had the incredible opportunity to hear Asa Dotzler and John Lilly from Mozilla tell us the story of how they spread Firefox.  We’re all figuring out this creating infectious action thing together, and I hope you’ll see the evolution of that idea here and in other places around the web.