A Harvard Business Review Debate: How to Fix Business Schools


I'm participating is something new for me, an extended online debate.  I'm a panelist for How to Fix Business Schools, which is being hosted by the Harvard Business Review.  Here's the blurb:

Are our business schools up to the job? Many critics have charged
that the values imparted in MBA programs contributed significantly to
the ethical and strategic lapses that led to the current economic
crisis. Is that fair? And if so, what needs to change? How can business
schools regain popular trust?

For the next several weeks Harvard Business Review
will be discussing these and related questions in the HBR Debate: How
To Fix Business Schools. For this online symposium, we’ve invited an
impressive roster of experts to lead the debate—and to try to come up
with solutions.

So there you go.  This should be fun: I can't wait to see what many of my co-panelists — many of whom are former professors of mine or individuals whose writing has been a big influence on my own worldview — have to say about the debate topic.

If I write anything particularly meaty or inflammatory I'll make a note of here on metacool.