Design Thinking for a Monday Morning

Yawn, croak, stretch.  Well, it’s Monday morning and now that all of that is over, it’s time again to start thinking about the art and science of making cool stuff.  Here are some good reads that caught my attention and blew out the holiday cobwebs this morning:

Success Code for CEO’s: get a design
Yet another article about the Institute of Design from the IndiaTimes.  This one features an extensive conversation with Robert Sutton, who is a core member of the  Robert and I will be teaching a course at Stanford later this year.

Creativity’s Economic — and Sexual — Edge
The always entertaining Dan Pink is writing a column called The Trend Desk, and this week’s edition takes us on a whirlwind tour of mating behavior, BRIC, portion control, and sudoku mania.

Design: The New Corporate Marketing Strategy
This article by Ted Mininni ties a nice bow around a bunch of concepts involving a user-centric approach to marketing.  You need to register for the article, but it’s free and worth your time.

Happy reading, and see you around the pages of metacool this week.